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City Traffic Building Block

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Beautiful color matching, large block and smooth surface. Vivid and cute pattern on the blocks build a real environment, make your child feel they were there, too. 
Paint meets the standards of toys paint in EU, safe and enviromental protection. 
It's not only a building block set, it also helps your child know the things around, educate your child in fun. 
Children can form freely different scene of city, through actual operation, exercise the small muscles of the hand and the development of logical thinking, to establish the concept of three-dimensional space, and enjoy the play imagination and experience the fun of planning urban scene. Improving your child's spatial thinking, independent play, hand-eye coordination, expression ability and social competence. 

Material: Wooden 
Age: 3 + 
Color: Multicoloured 
Package Content: 5 x small cars, 4 x small train(link up with magnet), 6 x road sign, 6 x small tree, 4 x worker and 4 x building 
Small Car: about 7*3*5(L*W*H) 
Small Train: Length: 6-8cm, Width: 3cm, Height:5.5cm 
Road Sign: 3*1*9cm(L*W*H) 
Worker: 3*7*1.5cm(L*H*W) 
Small Tree: Length: 3-5cm, Height: 4-6cm, Width:1.5cm 
Building: Length: 6-9cm, Height: 8-10cm, Width: 3cm 
Package Size: 35*26*4cm(L*W*H) 
Weight: 900g

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