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Mountains - Double Side Mat 2*1.8Meter

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200X 180x1cm Kids Mat with Growth Chart Print!  

A great space for babies, toddlers and families. It is extra large in size, 2m x 1.8 m. With its attractive design, it will have kids entertained both indoors and outdoors. It is rich in colour and great visual stimulation for babies! It is soft, non-toxic with DOUBLE SIDES! 





- 100% Brand New 

- Water-proof: Very easy to clean 

- Moisture-proof: Can be used as picnic mat for whole family 

- Soft Surface: Provides excellent cushioning when bubs roll over or fall down 

- Double Sides: You get two patterns with one price 

- Seamless one piece mat, super large: Suitable for babies to learn crawling 

- Round Edges: Protect babies from being cut

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