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4D Paper Flower Set-DIY

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IMPORTANT:  As all our sets are custom made to order, please allow up to THREE weeks to complete your order. Sorry we don't do urgent order for this product. 

When you receive it all the flowers will be in flat shape, you will need to use hot glue gun to put them together which is really simple to do. 

This set includes 4 different shaped flowers in the sizes below:

1 x 40 cm
2 x 30 cm
1 x 20 cm 

5 x leaves

We ave 28 colour for you to choose. Please make your order and email us which colour you want for each of the flower. see the last photo to choose the colour. 

We recommend using good quality removable 3M hooks, the flowers are quite light and will work well with the 800g weight limit hooks. The leaves are very light and can simply be hung on the wall using Blu-Tack.

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